Okay. can't access the Internet at all. can't even get malware bytes - anti malware to work. why? last site I was on was meg

No Internet access. Can't run malwarebytes - anti malware. Tried safe mode and avast. Still got nothing? Last known website was megashare No Internet for 3 days!!
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    Classical signs of malware or virus infection. Run the antivirus and if it doesn't solve it, get Malwarebytes Anti-Malware by any means. Logon in Safe Mode with Networking and download Malwarebytes. Right after the BIOS post as you hear one beep, Press F8 and hold or tap it every second till the Safe Mode options list appears on the screen and select Safe Mode with Networking.

    Other possible options: Ask a friend, family member or relative to download it for you, or download it from an Internet cafe, and take it home in a USB pendrive, CD, DVD.
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