asus p5p41c pci-e 16x what graphics card to use?

asus p5p41c pci-e 16x wondering what nvidia cards will work with this mobo. what bit rate card to use 128bit,384bit, does it take pci-e 3.0. should I use nvidia GDDR3 or GDDR5 can it take a gtx 750/760/770/780 GDDR5, or a gtx 780 384bit GDDR3. I would appreciate anyones help and thanks in advance. have ddr3 2x2gb ram, core 2 duo 3.o 6m 1333, 500 watt psu, 1.5tb hdd.
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  1. your cpu is quite old. since your mobo is based on intel G41 chipset most likely it will have PCI-E v1.1. that's not really a problem but your cpu might even bottleneck todays entry level gpu like GTX750. as for the GDDR3/GDDR5 stuff you don't need to concern about mobo compatibility since it will not going to affect that aspect. for your system i'd recommend for you to take GTX750
  2. what bit rate should I be concerned about on the gpu side? choices are
    GTX GDDR3 384bit 2013 GTX780 2GB
    GTX STOCK 128bit GDDR3 which is a GTX650
    GTX770 GDDR5 128bit 1GB?
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    memory interface (that bit stuff) combined with the gpu VRAM speed determine a card total bandwidth. GDDR5 is faster than GDDR3. cards equipped with GDDR5 usually end ups a bit faster than it's counterpart that using GDDR3. for example if there are GDDR3 and GDDR5 version of 650 take the later. for your system i don't recommend for you to take 770 or 780. the highest i would recommend would be 750 Ti.
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