Hello, its my first time building a pc, could you guys please tell me if this build is good? And what settings would I be able

Is my build good?
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More about time building guys build good settings
  1. sorry the link didnt load
    and the words that got cut off are run BF4
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    You dont need the PCIe ethernet card. The motherboard has one port already.

    You may have reasons for a sound card, but a budget one like that will not show very much improvement over the motherboard onboard audio. Motherboard audio is considerably better now than it used to be a while ago.

    Other than that, the build looks good.

    An R9 270X can run BF4 at around 50-60FPS on ultra at 1080p, which is more than playable.
  3. I think you should go for an SSD, as they are much faster & better. This SSD is good:
    Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB (SDSSDXPS-480G-G25): Official Website: . It's a very good & fast SSD. And you should go for an Intel processor, as I hae experienced it & it's really good for gaming and all other sorts of multimedia.
  4. You are the most unhelpful person SuperAdithya. I saw you yesterday, advising someone to buy extremely expensive parts, when the parts they had chosen already were more than good enough.

    Why would he buy an SSD that costs the same as half of this entire build?

    Intel does perform marginally better in games, but it isnt worth changing an FX 6300 for an Intel i3, which is at the same price point. FX 6300 is a good option for a budget gaming build, as it provides good price to performance for gaming, as well as video editing due to having 6 cores.
  5. ssd's dont make enough difference in gaming to spend 300 dollars in a first time budget build
    -and thanks for the help brad
  6. Exactly, you understand how this works :) SSD arent considered a 'luxury' item like they used to be, now they cost about $1/GB, but there is still no point getting a really expensive SSD for a budget build like this.
  7. Would i need a cpu cooler?
  8. I would suggest that it is a good idea, the stock cooler is rather loud.

    This cooler is one of the best budget coolers, and often can match other higher priced options.
  9. Sweet, thanks
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