i need to put graphics card for my system running in intel core 2 duo processor (2.8ghz) and 2GB ram help me to find it

please help me guys i need to put graphics card to my system running in intel core 2 duo processor. with 2 gb ram DDR2
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  1. What motherboard? What power supply? What budget (in your local currency)?
  2. What wattage is your Power Supply? To find out, just take the side panel off your case and have a look at the sticker on the power supply. It will have all the information about it. Unfortunately, there's no other way to do it. There's no software or anything like that which will tell you the specs of your power supply like there is for your other components.

    If you're gonna get a new video card you're going to have to take the side panel off to fit it anyway right?

    If your power supply is fitted in such a way that the sticker is not viewable, you'll have to unscrew the PSU from its housing and look at one of the sides that was hidden. It's only a few screws. You can do it.

    If you tell me that information as well as your budget and intended use, I can find you a suitable Graphics Card.
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    I find your rig is outdated, if u wanna play latest games i suggest you to upgrade your rig...

    p.s: if u cant afford to upgrade ur rig i suggest to have a look at this card
    its nearly 5000INR
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