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I am looking for a good gaming headset for PC use. Obviously, I would like the sound quality to be good. However, one of my main buying factors is the microphone. I want a headset which has a good quality mic which is crisp and clear. The headset doesn't need to have surround sound or anything fancy, as long as it doesn't sound bad it is OK. I have a budget of £50. At the moment I am looking at the Turtle Beach Z22 and the PX22. I think that the Z22 is designed for PC and therefore has better connections than the PX22. Also, the sound quality on the Z22 on PC is therefore much better than the PX22 on PC because of it. However, I am unsure of what headset to buy. Please, if you recommend any other headset with a good mic then please let me know.

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    Either would be good. I've got a Turtle Beach Pla and the mic quality is quite good (along with the audio of course). I play Counter Strike GO competitively and have used it quite a bit on Skype and TeamSpeak so I can attest to it being really good for that price range. And since yours is a higher model I can imagine it being a bit better.
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