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Will 650W PSU be enough for Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce gtx 780 GHZ Edition?

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June 22, 2014 4:43:42 AM


I plan to get Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce gtx 780 GHZ Edition and i7-4770k, will 650W be enough?
There is also a possibility, that there will be 2 fans in pc tower.

Thanks in advance.

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June 22, 2014 4:57:53 AM

Nope that GPU alone requires a 600w whilst it is said that the requirements are safety bounds just for the sellers. I never like to risk it especially with factory overclocked ones.

The i7-4770k requires 84 Watts itself plus ram plus moby plus fans. I'd recommend at the very least a 750W but In all honesty if it were me I'd go for an 800/850W PSU

This one is fully modular so you have all your cable management sorted as well. However if you don't want that you could always try and find semi.

Check sites like overclockers or w.e you use that hold sales. Even if you have too wait a few days you can snag a 850 at the price of a 750 even 600w PSU sometimes ^^
June 22, 2014 5:08:35 AM

I recommend a 850 or more PSU as well. Although 650 would probably be fine, it is still riding the requirements thinly. Usually it's best to go 10-20% above the requirements. That just gives some breathing room for upgrades, overclocking, external devices, and internal upgrades.
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June 22, 2014 7:08:13 AM


agreed wholeheartedly with ff6shadow, a good 650w should be okay but if you want to do SLI in the future? I would invest in a more powerful PSU now and be done with it. THe GTX 780 is a $500 dollar card, thus I feel a $200 PSU (eg CM v1000) should be a good pairing esp. once you have felt the poison of high fps at 1440p.
June 22, 2014 8:56:58 AM

I'm going to be contrary. The GTX 780 is a 250 W card. As long as you've got a good 650 W unit with good +12 V rail (+12 V @ 54 A, or so) and the proper PCIe power cables, I think you will be just fine. Total system draw will probably be 400 W or less.

Note that this is total system power consumption using an LGA-2011 system, not a low-power Haswell platform, and in a stress test rather than a game:

In my opinion, the idea that you even need to follow the 600 W "requirement," let alone exceed it by 200 W (!!!!), is a lot easier to do when you're spending someone else's money.
June 22, 2014 9:45:03 AM

I don't say it to spend money, but to try and keep the investment as safe as possible. Yes, the power consumption is probably not going to exceed around 450 watts, but there's other factors to consider like overclocking. That adds a lot of voltage. What about future upgrades? Another factor to consider. Also, power supplies don't actually deliver the amount that is stated. In the 650 range, unless it's silver or above, it's going to lose about 5-10% of the actual power supply limit. So, a 80+ 650W power supply is still going to be around 550-600W or so in the end.

If the poster didn't have high end equipment in the PC and it was simply a $500-600 build then I would have said a lower/cheaper power supply was ok, even if it was barely getting the requirement. But, when you have a 4770k and a GTX 780 in your computer, I think it's a good idea to get a power supply that exceeds the limits, just to be safe. There's also a price differentiation to consider. The difference in price from a 650W power supply to a 500W or 400W power supply is about $30-40 at most. If the poster can afford a 4770k and a GTX 780, then it's safe to assume that the poster can afford to get a 650W power supply. I try to recommend based on the actual build and what the poster limits in budget.