Hi after some advice on upgrading an existing sytem, and building a new pc also! (Total Noob!)

Hi people, after some much sought after advice. I have the following system...which I think was quite good when I bought it over 2 years ago:

Stats as follows

Intel Core i7 2700k
Socket 1155 LGA

Gigabyte Z77-D3H Rev 1.1

GeForce GTX 560 Ti

8GB Ram (2 x 4) DDR3 (Unsure on make)

and 1000GB HD (Unsure on make).

I want to upgrade it....I was thinking of getting some new RAM (This one perhaps: G-Skill 8GB Ripjaws X DDR3 2133 Dual Kit - Red) and a new hard drive - perhaps SSD Samsung 840 ....

Would that RAM and HD work fine with my MB? Would I need to change anything in BIOS to make them work?

And lastly I was thinking of making a PC as a project out of my old RAM/HDD removed from my current PC - just to learn the ropes and have a back up if needed....so need advice on CPU/Case/PSU/Graphics Card/MOBO/OS (Got the RAM/HD Sorted) for a budget type PC (Max probably £350 - with an Intel CPU/Gigabyte MOBO so can change components between the machines if needed) I only want this back up PC to play Diablo 3. I don't ask much!!!

Also one last thing...I was looking at updating the above BIOS on my current MOBO, and on the gigabyte website I try the one listed for my version...but none of them work, they all say not compatible with my Windows 7 64 bit version...so I'm stuck with the one that was on the BIOS originally...is that ok?

Many Thanks in advance :))

I think this is the first of many questions!

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  1. RAM and HDD should be fine with that mobo. RAM hasn't changed much in the last few years since the Sandy Bridge era. However, new RAM isn't going to make over a 5% difference probably but would be relatively costly. Hard drive will absolutely work. Especially a mechanical one. Honestly if you are planning to upgrade, RAM would be the last thing you look at since RAM speeds help so little. It's really just marketing strategy. Until DDR4 comes out, there won't be huge advantages to different RAM.

    For price/value ratio, CPU: AMD 750k or FX-6300/4350. If you prefer intel, then the i3-4130 is a good choice. You won't need much to play Diablo 3 though. You could get a cheap GPU of some sort, like the 750 Ti and be good to go. Any of those CPUs and a 750 Ti would be good for that game.
  2. I would be after a Gigabyte MOBO, and need a PSU also, any suggestions on these? Any graphics card maybe slightly cheaper? Also could you suggest some RAM (2 x 4)? I think I'll go with the i3-4130 as suggested :))
  3. Thanks for the advice, any idea on a decent case also? and is that a good MOBO...it looks reliable which is what I want.
  4. What is your budget on a case?
  5. £50 for a case (It's me) and will that MOBO be fine with SSD Drive?
  6. Actually scrap what I've said....any MOBO will be fine, doesn't have to be Gigabyte...just needs to be compatable with an i7 2700k, and SSD Hard drive - budget of approx £70 - need a case also £50...and GPU! Any more advice guys? (it's me original poster) couldn't use FB to log in at work, so changing to this account.
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