Hit a brick wall with 2700k with Asus P8z68v/gen 3

Currently trying to find my system's limit and so far, I have been able to get my system stable with minimal additional offset.

Trial 5 - Multiplier @ 47 & +.005 offset
Load Temps: 71, 75, 74, 72
Voltage: 1.344

However, as soon as I try to break the 4.7ghz barrier, I have had to add a lot more vcore (offset +.030) to reach 4.8ghz..

Trial 6 - Multiplier @ 48 & +.035 offset
Load Temps: 75, 81, 80, 78
Voltage: 1.384
CPU Current Capability: 110%

Does the sudden huge increase in vcore mean that I am at the chip's limit? I would think increasing the voltage should be gradual instead of drastically. My bsod errors were all 0x0101. Also memory is underclocked to ensure that does not interfere with the OC. I will fine tune the memory later (Running 1333 instead of 1866). I made sure to have VRAM @ 1.5v in bios before tinkering.
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  1. Did a bit more fine tuning and so far its been stable on prime95 for 2hrs:

    Trial 7 - Multiplier @ 48 & +.035 offset
    Load Temps: 77, 82, 82, 78
    Voltage: 1.376
    CPU Current Capability: 120%
    Memory Freq: 1600
    VCCIO Voltage 1.0625

    The cores are starting to get a bit too hot for my liking so I will try to reduce offset. Will have to settle for 4.8ghz on air which is not bad. Currently using a CM 212evo with dual fans and ArticSilver5. Will be swapping TIM to MX-2 soon in hopes to keep temps in the upper 70s.
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