Wifi working in some routers but not 1


My friends laptop doesn't connect to there router. They see the ssid but when it trys to connect it fails to. Windows can not connect or summate

But all there othet devices work on there network

So I tested there laptop on my network and another friends network and its fine

On my network I even ran a ping -t test for 2 hour with 0% lost. And connected to internet steaming youtube

Im thinking router channels but im not sure

Any suggestions?
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  1. May be their router has limited users restriction. Or may be all the devices running on their router have their IP fixed and the DHCP is switched off !

    More details are required !
  2. Is there a password that needs to be put in?
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    Have he ever been able to connect to the routers wireless net on that computer?

    Some things to try
    - See if the SSID is saved with a wrong password under Wireless network on the computer, this would make the computer try to connect to the router but if the password is saved and it´s wrong the authentication will fail and you cannot connect.

    - Is the router or computer old? Can be kryptation errors, try removing the kryptation from the router and connect with the computer after
  4. I got round to there house and it had saved the password. After re-entering it connected

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