Question about installing CPU in motherboard (noob)

Hi, I'm building my own computer for the first time.
I have the MSI Z77A-G45 motherboard and the i7 3770k CPU. They are both brand new

When I lock the cpu into place in the motherboard, am I suppose to put some sort of liquid/paste in between the top of the cpu and the cpu cooler? And is that substance called thermal paste? How much do I put? And after I put the substance on, do I go ahead and mount the CPU cooler, and thats it?

Thanks in advance, sorry for all the simple questions
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    It is thermal paste. If you are using the stock cooler, it is already applied, you just stick the cooler on.
    If you are applying your own, use about a pea sized dot in the middle, and let the cooler pressure spread it out. (there are several tutorials out there if you need them.
  2. thanks, it was not a stock cooler, I had another one purchased.
  3. A pea sized dot is a bit too much, try more like a grain of rice, since pea sized is kinda ambiguous and could mean a really tiny blob or a pretty big one, whereas a grain is much more specific.
  4. I use a dot about the size of the head of one of those colored sewing pins. A fairly small amount, especially if you're using a non-stock cooler, as the way the tension bracket works ensures that, if you use too much, you'll get it everywhere.
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