Reinstalling windows 7 on a new ssd, wont boot when i plug my old storage HDDs in


Okay, My old 30 gig SSD started crashing on me so i bought a new samsung SSD, I unplugged my 2 other HDDs in the system and reinstalled windows 7 on the new drive. Now, when i go into bios, windows boot manager shows up in the boot order as uefi (which it never did before). and it boots just fine. Until i plug my other storage drives in. Then when i boot it says "windows is loading files" with that gray progress bar at the bottom like its does when installing windows, then proceeds to tell me to reboot and select proper boot device. Im at a complete loss here. Ive tried installing with the other drives hooked up, that didnt work. Ive tried taking the other drives off the boot order completely in bios. ive made sure my SSD drive is in SATA port 1. Ive got a sabertooth 990fx if that helps.

Thanks for any help in advance
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  1. Easy.

    Go into the bios, and look at the boot order. Change the ssd to the 1st boot priority. It is trying to boot from the hdd, even though the os is on the hdd.
  2. i tried that, it wouldnt boot unless windows boot manager is the first boot priority. the more i looked up, apparently thats a trait of UEFI. but anyways i finally figured it out. apparently when Bios switches to UEFI, it doesnt like partioned drives. i copied all my data from my partitioned drive to an external, then wiped it and deleted the partitions. and recopied everything over. apparently partitioning once you switch to UEFI is fine but previous partitions are bad.
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