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Ok so I have browsed the internet for a good 30 minutes trying to find out how to install motherboard standoffs and there is NOTHING. I am using a Mobo with 9 standoff holes and I understand I need to use all 9 but when screwing the standoffs I got with my case into the little holes it is an absolute PAIN, one turn and they're so tight I need pliers and now some of the standoffs are paintless from the absolute torque needed to screw in the little bastards. I don't know if I'm doing this right because it shouldn't be this damn hard and I'm getting parts in 2 days please help!
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  1. What case are you using. Usually the standoffs can be hand twisted in and the just nudged tight with a tool. Is the case new? If it is have you contacted the manufacturer? Also many cases provide more holes then you need for different form factor MB. I would wait to install the standoffs till I had the MB and could verify which holes are to be used.
  2. "standoffs are paintless"? I've never seen painted ones?
  3. Im using the BitFenix Shinobi Window White ATX Mid Tower and yes I have contacted them. I'm also positive on the size of mobo, it's a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 and inside the case it has different markers for different types of mobos.
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    So what did they say about your issue, this is like pulling teeth? Here is a quote from a review of the case "When fitting my components inside the case I encountered one main problem, the motherboard standoffs. 3 broke on me and decided to keep the screws inside with a death grip like hold. Bitfenix seem to have painted the inside of the standoffs as well as the screws so the paint just wrecks inside them. With the standoffs you also get a standoff tool that helps you screw them in tighter." So there ya go, I would try this; use one stand off like a die. Turn it in and out of each hole to try to clear the paint. Then get a small wire brush or a piece of steel wool and clean the threads of the stand offs. Lastly you can use a light oil (like 3 in 1 brand) on the threads. Use one drop and wipe off leaving just a film on the threads.
  5. I didnt need to do anything but use the tool, thanks!
  6. Best news GL and grtz!
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