How to Reformat hard drive, And install Windows 7?

So, long story short I recently built a new PC, I used my old hard drive but come to the conclusion that my Hard drive needs re-formatting. I just want to wipe everything, and start over with windows 7 instead. I've got my Windows 7 Disk, What do I have to do to wipe/Install everything?

Do I just insert the disk and restart my computer and it'll wipe and re-install everything or do I need to manually wipe the hard drive first?
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  1. in the win7 setup choose to do advanced and delete the existing partitions and et it do the rest
  2. Enter the BIOS [ start up] menu .

    set the dvd as the first boot device

    save and exit

    put the windows disk in the dvd . Use the power button to turn the pc off by holding it down for 5 seconds .

    press the button again and you should boot to the dvd . From there follow the instructions
  3. Thank you guys,

    Another for question for anybody who cares to answer -

    Should I keep old hard drive or should I spend 60 quid and update to Samsung evo 840 120Gb SSD? Or would that be unnecessary....
  4. if your old drive is big... 1TB+ keep it..

    Get a 240GB SSD for boot and then move your profile to the large drive
  5. The drive is 750GB,
    A friend suggested buying an SSD, However if its not necessary then I'd rather not spend money I don't need to spend if that makes sense...
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    SSD's change your comptuing experience . Cold boots in 8 seconds here .
    They may also help you get into game maps faster too , but they wont change fps or in game performance
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