Upgraded Internet Speed, now Google and Youtube slow/not working?

I recently upgraded my internet speed to 30/5, which is twice as fast as it was before. But now Google and Youtube take forever to load. Sometimes they don't even load at all. Most other websites have no problem loading. I'm using Google Chrome and I seem to have a better response to using Google and Youtube under Firefox.

Then today my internet keeps quitting. I can't tell if it's my router or my modem as I've had to reset both several times for it get to work. And it seems to be working fine (for now.)

Router - Belkin Wireless G N10117
Modem - Webstar DPC2100R2 cable modem Scientific Atlanta DPC 2100 R2

Both are pretty old (I think at least 8 years?) but I don't want to buy a new router or modem just for it not to be the problem. I don't use wireless, I use ethernet.

Is it possibly my upgraded internet is causing problems with my modem or router? Or does it have something to do with my computer. Or did my modem or router just randomly stop working the same day i upgraded my internet?
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  1. How's your antivirus / antimalware? Try running full scans with BitDefender and Malwarebytes (both free)...
  2. As above - its not going to be an issue with you speed being increased unless they made a mess of it somehow. Anyway as said previously scan using malwarebytes, combofix, avg, and spywareblaster
  3. So I ran Malwarebytes, and it detected like 4 things so I removed them. Now Google won't work at all on Chrome. It says
    "Oops! Google Chrome could not find" But it works just fine on Firefox. I'm still currently running Bitdefender for any viruses so we'll see. Meanwhile my internet keeps going down, so I have to keep resetting my Modem for it work for a little bit.

    So after cleaning and searching for viruses/malware, Google and Youtube seem to be working fine so far. And I also think I figured out what was making my internet go down. I was downloading a game and I think it was overloading it for some reason. Before downloading this game (which I've done several times) never did that to my internet, but since I "upgraded" it seems to do it. I'm gonna stop trying to download this game and see if my internet goes down. Does anyone know why that would cause it?
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    Your internet should be OK.
    First confirm that you have 15-20 Gb of free space in your main windows drive.
    Then delete all temp files , cache , etc.. from your chrome advanced settings!
    Do update the shockwave & flash player to latest.
    Though new firefox is better than chrome. still there shouldn't be a problem!
  5. How about save your self some sanity and check out your Speed & Duplex setting and put it to 1.0 Gbps full duplex.
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