Games crash on new build after few days (win8.1+gtx770)

I recently built a computer and seemed fine. I was playing everything without any problems but since yesterday they're unplayable. Now they're all impossible to open because of differents bugs;
Watch Dogs just crash after 1-2 hours opening and says ''display driver stopped working and has recovered''
Assassin's Creed 4 crash at opening or after only a few minutes and it just says ''stopped working''

Though I played at Civ5 without issue as well as Saints Row IV and a few others...

Windows 8.1 is up to date as well as Nvidia Drivers

-i5-4590 @stock,
-8 GB ram DDR3-1333 (stock)
-msi H97M-G43 motherboard
-EVGA 600B (600w bronze)
-Zotac GTX770 AMP!
-Windows 8.1 OEM of course
and an SSD, a secondary HDD, DVD, 3 fans an NZXT case but I don't think it matters...

UPDATE: All drivers up to date as well of the newest BIOS

Please help me use the full power of this build and detail explicitly the steps to follow
Thank you
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  1. Might check for Malware (malwareBytes has a free version), also run a virus scan...might check for corrupt files in do so go to the Command Prompt as Administrator and run the command SFC /SCANNOW also can check the Harddrive for errors from the command prompt with the command CHKDSK /R
  2. I did everything you told me, it improved significantly but is still problematic.
    SR4 is now perfectly fine, watch dogs now crash after 2-3 hours (I can manage that) but AC4 crash after 10 minutes or so which is indeed unbearable.

    Any other ideas?
  3. Do you have the latest BIOS and mobo drivers, is the DRAM running at 1600?
  4. The DRAM yes but how do you check the two others?
  5. Check the BIOS version in the BIOS, and chack mobo drivers versions available at the mobo's website and compare to the versions you are running through device manager
  6. Well I juste updated everything but after upgrading the BIOS windows refuse to boot.
    So I cleared the BIOS. Nothing.
    So I inserted my Windows CD, it can't refresh because disk is blocked(?)...
    Can't repair. Can't reset itself. Can't go to a previous restore point.
    Do you know how to fix that annoying issue?

    Note, my RAM is in fact DDR3-1333 at 1333 MHz and I remind you I'm with windows 8.1

    Thanks for the help
  7. After updating everything I still have problems with WD and AC4...
    Any ideas?
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