Help with virtual machine needed

I have Windows 7 Pro 64bit

What I really like is Windows Virtual PC with XP mode that can be installed on 7pro.

I am always experimenting and trying things that had I used on the host machine would probably ruin it on a daily basis, but I can just hit "turn off and discard changes".

Windows XP mode has full integration with host pc. The problem is that XP is very limited.

What I would like is a virtual machine program that I can install Windows 7 Pro 64bit on a virtual hard drive. Windows virtual PC does not allow it.

Does anyone know of a free or cheap virtual machine software that will not only allow Windows 7 Pro 64bit but also has full integration with the host (meaning copy/paste, etc between the machines)?

I will appreciate the help
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    I would say VirtualBox. VMWare Player is a better alternative IMO but it doesn't come with snapshots so that can be annoying if you are testing and want reverting. You would have to copy the entire disk image and back it up. That can be time consuming and not optimal if you're running it off a SSD. VMWare Workstation will support snapshots but it is not free, nor cheap.
  2. VirtualBox.
  3. I am not sure what you mean by snapshots.

    Are you saying it does not have something similar to "turn off and discard changes" ?

    That is pretty much a necessity for me. You are right, I surely dont want to copy my hard drive everytime I want to experiment.
  4. A snapshot is a delta image for the current state of the virtual machine. You can rollback to that state. It's like you Windows Restore snapshots, except it will be a complete revert instead of only a portion of the system.
  5. VirtualBox has:
    "Save State" CTRL+V
    "Power Off" CTRL+F (this discards changes)
  6. I just downloaded the virtualbox user manual and it appears to be exactly what I want. It has folders to share, usb integration, and the snapshots.

    Thanks guys. I appreciate it.
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