Want to get a new graphics card, not sure which one to get

I want to buy a new graphics card for my PC so that I can play games on high or better yet and preferably, max graphics. Games like, Skyrim, BF4, BioShock Infinite, and other graphics intensive games. I'm not sure what graphics card would be best to buy. My spending range for now is $400 (just for the graphics card), so I wanna know what to get and what to upgrade if need be.

Here are my base specs that I have right now for my PC

Motherboard - M3970AM-HP (Angelica2)

Processor - AMD FX-6200

Memory - 10 GB

Graphics - Eyefinity Radeon HD 7570

Hardrive - 1.5 TB

PC Case - Mid-size ATX

Power Supple - Internal 460W (100V-240V)
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    You can try a two-way upgrade path.

    1. Power supply - ($46)
    2. Graphics Card - ($336)
  2. He could get a used r9 290 on ebay atm for 350 $
  3. hrissker said:
    He could get a used r9 290 on ebay atm for 350 $

    Why? It comes with no warranty. And it probably was overclocked. Since there's no way to prove that the seller didn't overclock it.
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