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Need a card for this old motherboard of mine. I know it's old but don't have cash to replace. My PSU seems old and am willing to replace so suggest one as well so if this one can't support ill buy the New one. I need 512mb DDr 5 with overclocking and Ali or crossfire pref.(to compensate for low memory ill buy 2). I'm not sure which cooler master model I have my stock one died so I had to get it replaced. I have a 3guy overcooked c2d. I'm from India and would like the parts to be available on flipkart,, or
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. 200 for gpu+pus if req.
  3. It has to be 512mb my novo can't fit more.
  4. Moboo
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    kalyan99 said:
    It has to be 512mb my novo can't fit more.

    The type and size of memory on the graphics card has nothing to do with the motherboard.

    Also there's no reason to get 2 cards for SLI or crossfire with your setup. Even the one 6k card by itself should be plenty to go with an old core2duo.
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