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Hey guy, I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop. I want this to be a replacement for my console. I would like to be able to stream to twitch. I'm open to all suggestions. My budget is flexible its around €1200. Thanks for the help.
Laptops that i'm already looking at are the;

Lenovov y510p

and the MSI GS60 2PC GHOST
This laptop is a bit out of my budget, but i may to able to afford it.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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  1. judging by the two your looking at, are you looking for a slim/lighter laptop then? Otherwise you could get the asus g750 jm $1250 usd, or like the msi gt 60/70 with 870m for $1300 usd. Both those are powerful as well, but bigger thicker. Otherwise for slim/light and cheaper, the ones you selected are best out right now. Come fall/winter asus and a few others are coming out with newer slimmer ones, but believe they are going to be more expensive side compared to the thwo you have above.

    On a side not, the msi ghost has always had a pull on me, I went big as I need cooling for rendering for hours a day. But if I ever went/needed light/portable it'd be the ghost 100%.
  2. Lighter is better but performance is the main specification. I want the laptop to be able to perform well for games and use it for college. I'm hopefully starting a computer science degree in September.
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    Alright, well im in the USA so prices may differ. But here, the MSI GT60(15") and GT70 (17"), is the best bang for buck. You get i7 4800mq and gtx 870m for $1350 usd. The Asus g750 JM series offers a i7 4700 and gtx 860m for around $1250. The msi is better bang for buck, the asus has far better cooling.

    The Lenovo and MSI ghost, are around $1400-1500 and offer i7 4700 and 860m. The msi ghost with an 870m starts about $1700.

    So in the states, best bang for buck is msi gt60/70, best all around laptop I feel is asus which I have, you don't get as much specs but get a better all around laptop.

    Since your starting school, its both hit or miss. The msi is available in a 15" so it'll be a tad smaller and easier to lug around, but then your screens only a 15" and not a 17".
    Another not, when taxing the msi, the fans will sound like a hair dryer, whether that's at school or at home.
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