Looking for a best 1tb internal desktop hard disk wd or seagate

I want to buy a new hard disk drive
but i am confuse in wd and seagate
please suggest me which 1tb internal hard drive is best for gaming wd blue or green or seagate

And tell me seagate is best or wd is best
Wd10ezex blue is Rs.3538 on and green wd10ezrx one is Rs.3710
My budget is Rs. 4000 only
my pc spec.
I3 3220
4gb ddr3 ram
intel dh61bf m.b.
450 psu
his hd 6770 1gb gddr5 gpu
asus dvd wrtr.
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    A WD Caviar Blue fits your budget.

    However, I would still advise a Caviar Black for the increased reliability and warranty, but if 4000 rs is all you have then this is still great!
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