Best free Antivirus software?

What is the best free antivirus software recomended by you guys at Toms Hardware for my newly built PC? I heard it's a smart thing to get.
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  1. None that I know of. It is something smart to get but there not free. Of course there are free versions of stuff but they only protect very basic viruses.
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials always seems to get the job done.

    UPDATE: By "always gets the job done", I mean just general internet browsing and downloads. NOT downloading stuff from sites like piratebay.
  3. I use Avast Free... good extra tools and works good, once you tweak it
  4. Here are three popular and effective anti-virus programs to choose from
    Microsoft Security Essentials
  5. I am running Windows 8.1. Is it not possible for me to get security essentials? thanks
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    Windows Defender is included in Windows 8.1, and Defender is just as good as MSE.
  7. Oh okay cool. So I am covered or would it be recommended I get something else?

    Thanks a lot for letting me know
  8. As long as you aren't pirating things, or downloading files from suspicious sites, Windows Defender should be all you need. However, If you think you want some more protection, AVG and Avast both have great free virus protection programs.
  9. Free an paid antivirus editions are the same.. Free editions download the same update deffinitions as their paid counterparts. They have obvious differences like limited Configurations and don't include a firewall. You can configure a paid antivirus to update at the hour or day you want, the free editions can only update right after logon, you may be able to delay it but not set the hour. This can make the boot process longer and have the OS ready for use later in the logon sequence particularly if the computer is low on resources.

    I use Avast free and have used it since the Avast 3 edition... never had a serious virus infection, the only serious event was with AVG in 2006 and this and some mild infections were due to downloads, but that possibility is now lower since Avast scans every download and pauses/stops those it considers suspicious.
  10. Bitdefender, Avira and Avast are all good. I don't trust AVG's free protection. My laptop has 9001 problems because of AVG.
  11. I agree with those using Avast, have been using it since v4.7 and it has never let me down in 10 years.
  12. Bitdefender antivirus free edition IMHO
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