Upgrade from 4gb ram to 8gb ram, but games performance low

Hello, last week I bought my new ram, which is Corsair 4gb vengeance CMz4GX3M1A600C9 pc3-10700h, and I upgraded to 8gb but seems like that my performance in gaming is slower than before. The other ram is Kingston 4gb pc3-12800 99U5474-023.A00LF.
The game I was playing is Black ops 2, it runs well and I get aroung 40-60 fps before upgrading my ram
Please help me.

i3 3240
Mobo: ASUS H61M-C DDR3
Graphic card: Geforce 210
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  1. Weak graphics card and cpu is your main culprit, Ram doesn't affect performance to to much and upgrading your system ram doesn't help performance with a weak graphics card and cpu.
  2. So, removing my new ram will not help too?

    Any suggestion for graphic card?
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    All depends on your budget
  4. Thank you. :)

    For $130, this GTX750Ti is a huge boost.

    You will need 64-bit Windows Vista/7/8.

    I can't find any comparison benchmarks, but it the Geforce 210 scores "185" for the Passmark G3D test and the 750Ti scores 3638.
  6. Thank you.
    I will try to get it.

    By the way, bros.. I'm from Indonesia.
  7. buy in Enter Komputer ( Plasa Glodok / block M ) min buy VGA radeon .. get price under 1juta is enough .. good luck
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