Will intel hd Ironlake graphics be able to run battlefield 3 on low settings

Currently I am on vacation in Puerto Rico and I brought my laptop with me. And when EA had their summer sale I could not pass up the games they had for so cheap I got battlefield 3 for 5 dollars. Now I want to know before I download the game to my laptop (I have it but have not Downloaded it) if my laptop will be able to run the game at the lowest settings at 1366x768 at 30fps with intel hd ironlake iGPU. If not I will do 800x600 Now before I get yelled at, this is just to entertain myself while I am the plane to go back home, I have a recently built gaming rig back home that can run the game at max settings and that is why I bought the game
I checked the minimum system requirements for everything else and it looks to be good

PC Specs
AMD FX 6300 @ 3.8 Ghz
Asus M5A97 R2.0
G.Skill 8GB 2133 MT
XFX DD r9 270x Core clock 1180 Mhz Memory Clock 1500 Mhz
XFX Core Edition Pro 650W
Corsair Carbide 500R

Laptop Specs
Intel i3 380M
Intel HD ironlake
3GB 1066MT
5400 RPM 500GB HDD

if this helps I will do the lowest resolution possible and play offline since you know I am on a plane
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  1. Yeah, it will on low settings. Nice computer build BTW, but the case was too expensive. You should have gone with a Corsair 200R.
  2. NO.
    It will not run well. In the following VIDEO, someone is playing BF3 on LOW settings at 1280x768 resolution and only averaging 10FPS which is way below the 30FPS minimum you'd need.
  3. Origin was giving away bf3 for free for their on the house special which I believe ran for a couple of days.

    But anyways, the i3-380m does not have hd 3000, it's simply called hd graphics and it's 3 tiers below the 3000. So you can imagine it's quite weak and the answer is no.
  4. Best answer
    I didn't realize he didn't have HD3000 graphics.

    The game is UNPLAYABLE. You will average about 17FPS on the lowest settings at 800x600:
  5. CALL OF DUTY 2:

    This game from STEAM is $15 and should run fairly well. It will also not take as long to download. Don't confuse it with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

    There is even a DEMO you can try:
  6. I updated my thread thanks, what about mass effect it seems to have lower system requirements, I dont know much about older graphics cards since I got in to pc building in the year 2010 but couldnt build one until I got a job last year. btw thanks k114 for the graphics info, never trust your mama to tell you your laptop specs, btw thanks techcdcl, I couldnt pass a 40 dollar discount for the case thoe so I went and got it, also I plan to keep the case as long as the front panel works and there is no rust
  7. Oh, wait, I didn't read right, sorry.
  8. thanks for showing me a video, I guess I will just play peggle and plants vs zombies on the way home. :(
    Honorable mention to k1114 for correcting me that I didnt have intel hd 3000 iGPU
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