is it necessary to use thermal compound

Manufacturer says that this cpu cooler comes with a high standard thermal do i need to use another thermal compound above it..............
Cooler is - intel F09a-12b9s2
My pc is a mid end gaming build .....

Intel i5 3570k cpu
R9 280x toxic gpu
Asus mobo
Seasonic s12g 750w
Gskill 2x4gb ram
Segate 1tb hdd...........
and i am not going to overclock my cpu....
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  1. There's very little difference between legit thermal compounds. If it comes with thermal compound, you should be fine.
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    Think of it like this, These people "invented" this particular CPU, they know the spec, and know what it does/needs. So, NO, you don't HAVE to change it, and, people even found that the stock stuff is actually BETTER then the other "highend" stuff..

    Have fun Gaming!
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