Fierce Gaming mouse problem

Hello, I need some help.

I have owned the fierce 5000 dpi laser gaming mouse v2, [Amazon: Link (about the same product)] for about 3 years now, it has caused me quite a few problems down the line but they were fixed I didn't bother getting a new mouse, although I have hit a total stop with my current problem...

Recently (about a week ago) the mouse started acting up in the way that it was double clicking while i did single click, and above all was having frequent outages as it would stop working for either a few seconds or until i unplugged it then plugged it back in, or when i reboot my computer, to now where it has completely stopped being recognized . Now sadly i am not able to update my drivers because the company has gone out of business and i can't even re-install the driver through the physical disc because it requires the mouse to be connect; while it is indeed connected, though can not be found through device manager. Also even the program for the mouse does not work, again on the fact that my computer does not see it.

Sadly have not been able to use it on any other computer, I have tried multiple ports same problem, also i have tried using another usb mouse in the same port i had the problem originally and the mouse did/does work.

I am running Windows 7
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  1. Thanks for your response,

    I did think that there was some kind of wiring problem, I will consider looking for a new gaming mouse.
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