Can anyone suggest a cloud storage service with torrent/magnet-link support?

I basically need it to fetch the torrent without me downloading it and uploading it as my ISP badly throttles my upload speed. I came across, but $9.99 a month is too much for my needs. I won't be using this for pirating so low storage space is fine.
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  1. The best solution is buy a WD my cloud worth 200$. But think of it as a one time investment!
    and it is your personal storage that can be accessed at full Harddisk speed when you are at home! What about that !
    If you even used it for 20 months or 24 months your WD will be providing cloud service of upto 2-3TB free of cost.!
    And for torrent capabilities check this out-
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    You best bet is to use a vpn service to try to hide the bit torrent from the ISP. Still it depends why and how they throttle. It is very hard to detect true bit torrent so if they have a generic bandwidth cap it will make little difference. Still the VPN services that work well will not give you a lot of bandwidth for free so they too cost money.

    Bandwidth is much more costly than disk space. Many of these providers can recover their cost for disk space by forcing adverting on you. If you run a torrent that run unattended they have no way to in effect pay for the service by making you watch advertising.

    I doubt you will find a free service. Someone has to pay for the bandwidth and if you do not then there has to be some other person who will pay the costs for you in hopes of getting something from you.
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