System cuts out after installing Corsair h60

Hey everyone, 

First of all I just want to say what a great site this is and I have been coasting on the outskirts for a few months! 
I recently built my first rig and all was fine until I upgraded the cpu cooler. 
My specs are as follows:

Asrock 970 extreme 3 motherboard
G. Skills 8gb 2133mhz ram
And phenom ii x4 965 black edition
Evga gtx 660 sc 2gb
Winforce tx 480 ppu 
Zalman z11 case
Corsair h60 cpu cooler. 
Corsair c600 psu

Before I upgraded the cpu cooler,  the processor was running at around 53 - 55 Celsius on idle at stock speeds which caused me a slight worry. 

Once I had installed the new cooler,  I fired the rig up and everything went absolutely fine,  got into windows,  hard drives were working,  ram was loading,  fans spinning, there seemed to be no issue.  But then the system cut out.  I switched it back on and this time it cut out within 5 Seconds.  I left it for ten minutes,  tried it again,  and this time it lasted around 45 seconds before cutting out.  So this is leading me to believe it was a cooling problem.  So I detached the Corsair pump,  cleaned cpu and conduction plate on the pump, reapplied TIM,  and tried again.  Exact same symptoms occur.  

I've checked the whole system for loose wires,  I've tried getting into the bios before the system cuts out and managed so see that cool n quiet was on,  active cpu management was on,  and fans are at "full on"  including the ones powering the radiator and pump.  

I'm at an absolute loose end guys,  I wore an anti static wristband clipped to the case the whole time I worked on it,  I was so careful when installing the cooler that it took me the best part of 4 hours to put in.  

After work tonight I'm going to go about putting the old cooler back in and see if that works.  Are there any other reasons that you guys can think of that could be playing a part in this?  I've checked that I put the back plate on correctly and indeed no metal is touching the board.  I have reset the cmos,  leaving the battery out for a full 15minutes.  My gpu is functioning correctly.  I've swapped around the fan headers including the one powering the radiator. 

Has anyone ever heard of a faulty Corsair h60? I find it really unlikely that this is the case,  but if my old cooler works,  perhaps there is a compatibility issue?  I really don't know guys.  I would really appreciate a point in the right direction. 

Thanks a lot,  Ben. 
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  1. try to monitor your temps
  2. Hi, the issue I have is the rig won't stay on long enough for me to be able to monitor anything
  3. First look how it does with the old cooler as you said.Only after that can you really say more.
  4. Hi, yeah I swapped the cooler and the old one works fine. I reinstalled the new one (refusing to believe the part is faulty) and went into the bios to observe the cpu temperature, indeed it would rise and rise until cut off. I believe the pump is not getting enough power. So I plugged the 3 pin into pwr_fan1, in the belief that this will provide a steady 12v.

    However to make things more interesting I don't believe that particular header is working on my mobo. So I have purchased a molex to 3 pin adapter that supposedly runs 12v so I will see what happens when that part arrives.

    Thanks for your replies guys, it is much appreciated.
  5. there should be other headers right? if the cable will reach, you can use it.

    i was about to suggest monitoring thru bios, nice to know you figured out the issue.
  6. Hi, yeah there are other headers but my asrock motherboard won't allow me full control of the fans. It's done in levels 1-9 and so I don't think the pump is getting the full 12v's. I've tried using every fan header in the board to no avail.

    Kind regards, Ben
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    It seems to be doable to set the fan speeds to "full on" in the bios,which should imo mean that they should run on 12V.Just got that from the manual.
    Maybe the pump is blocked or there's somehow air in the system.If it will continue to fail rma it.
  8. Hey Vic... yes it was an RMA job - Sorry if I'm digging up the cemetery here but just thought I'd let you guys know that it was indeed that the pump was dead. The replacement works absolutely fine.
  9. Hawker920 said:
    Sorry if I'm digging up the cemetery here but just thought I'd let you guys know that it was indeed that the pump was dead. The replacement works absolutely fine.

    That's alright,you do it to let people know what your solution was to the problem. ;) Others might benefit from it.
    Thanks for sharing! :D
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