Is this Gaming PC Build able to play games like Dayz, BF4, PlanetSide 2, etc?

I have a budget of $600 and i found this build on this forum. I couldn't find any feed back on how it performed so I was wondering if someone could help me out.

My Build:
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  1. seems ok (though i am not updated with the price)
    just don't expect to play on high/ultra on heavy games like bf4
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  3. Would I be better of getting the Ironside Minion Ultra? Also i tried the game-debate and the didn't have my GPU.

    Minion Ultra-
  4. That pc has a crappy cpu (X4 750k) and motherboard. But a better graphics card (GTX760).

    It doesn't say what power supply or RAM or HDD.
  5. Do you think that if i put the GTX760 in my build instead of the Gigabyte Radeon R9 270?
  6. The GTX 760 is about 20% more powerful than the r9 270.

    It is about 10% better than a r9 270x.

    It needs a 500W power supply. Get a good one per eg Seasonic 520, XX 550 or Antec HCG 520M
  7. So do you think this will run well?
  8. Yes

    The 750ti is not as good as the r9 270.
  9. My friend just sent me this build. Any thoughts?
  10. Its not a very good cpu. But it has good integrated graphics. Seems strange to but that and also 2 x 7750's.

    And I don't like CX600 power supplies - lots of problems.
  11. Any recommendations for a new cpu and avower supply?
  12. For Corsair get anything apart from CX and Builder (like HX, AX, TX..) or you can get any XFX, Seasonic or Antec.

    This is for a PSU, I'm not too knowledgeable on AMD CPUs.
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