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So I'm building my first PC, now deciding to go with a GTX 770 (4gb) card, don't know which brand to go with, I kinda like the PNY Card, but they have a OC version and OC2 (which is confusing), so any card recommendation would be appreciated, also an explanation on the difference between OC and OC2 would be nice.
Thanks for your time :D
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  1. OC edition just means they overclock the speed a little to boost performance (by a fairly small amount).

    Personally, I would go for either the Asus Direct CU or MSI Twin Frozr editions as they run quite cool and are quiet.
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    Paying extra money for more vram is generally not worth it. For a gtx 770 it isn't. You'd only need 4gb for 4k gaming, and even then 3gb could be enough. But the problem is that a 770 is a little to slow for that kind of stuff. as for the "oc" names is just a marketing thing, telling that their cards are overclocked at higher frequencies compared to the reference gtx 770. Don't worry about that.

    If you're gonna get a gtx 770 just get the cheapest one from a well known company like Sapphire, Asus, msi and so on. Pny are of course fine too.
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