How to format CD-R/DVD-RW

I have a CD-R and DVD-RW, they both contain me saying embarrassing things from about 7 years ago on them and i want to format them both, i also really need to use them for something but when i right clicked them the format option isn't there like when you right click a hard drive or USB.
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  1. Copy what you need to a new disk, then destroy the current one.
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    not sure if you want to delete your cd if im mistaken? CD-R : Once you burn something to them once you cant burn to them again
    DVD-RW (rewritable) - You can erase and burn something new on this one
    This tool might help
  3. They are cheap. Just destroy them so they can't be read.
  4. i ran into a problem
    the DVD-RW is write protected
  5. sound like it been finalize.
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