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I am building my first computer this summer and I've had a lot of part issues and at one point, the computer booted up and I started installing Windows on it. I had entered the key and the installation was going great and then my computer shut off. Turns out my motherboard fried so I had to send it back. My question is will the Windows key work when I try to install Windows again?
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  1. Yes.
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    Short answer: Yes.

    Longer answer: if the key was registered to that motherboard (if you got that far) it may or may not fail validation as "already used." I would guess not, since other hardware is considered in detecting if the key is being double-used. If that happens, you can call Microsoft and explain and they will activate it.

    Are there hardware problems that we could help you resolve? Unless it was all due to a bad mobo, perhaps we can help you get to the point where it at least gets to BIOS every time.

    Good luck.
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