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I have Windows installed on a 32GB SSD that is only meant for the OS. I was able to install my games and some other things on my 1TB hard drive, but some things automatically install on the SSD. How can I clear up some space on my SSD? If I move something from C:\Program Files to D:\Program Files, would it still work?
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  2. Y0GI said:
    No, that will NOT work. Here is what you need to do:


  3. You're welcome.

    Good luck!

  4. That's very much possible using symlinks
    Symlinks are like link-ups with other directorys but a bit heavier than the windows build-in feature

    Your installed App might use C:\PhotoshopInstallment but actually accesses D:\Program Files\PhotoshopInstallment
    The Application won't notice that the files are actually somewhere else because the filesystems tells the applications that the files are still on your small SSD (C:\)

    You can create symlinks on windows using the "mklink"-command
    Here's an article on how to use mklink:

    To prevent software installing on C:\ in the future you might want to change the directory that windows uses as default to install.
    There's a open source applicationcalled InstallDirChanger which does exactly that.

    You can download it on SourceForge:

    This is of course shameless self advertising because I'm the author of that open source application.

    Have fun with the symlinks and the small tool and have a nice day :)

    best regards,
    Jonas Dralle
  5. Here’s a different procedure that worked perfectly for me.

    1 - Create a *.bat file in the same folder of your *.exe installation file.
    2 - Edit the *.bat file with the following line:

    install_file_name.exe TARGETDIR/INSTALLDIR=”E:\Program Files\folder_name”

    3 - Run the *.bat file

    I’m not a computer expert… don’t know if it will work for everyone.
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