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Hello everyone! I 'm building a new desktop(NOT FOR GAMING BUT FOR 3D VILUALIZATION AND RENDERING) and the graphic card is my next step. I already have an AMD FX8350, an ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2 motherboard, a CORSAIR CX750M psu and
Patriot DIMM 16 GB DDR3-1600 Quad-Kit (PV316G160C9QK) ram. Nvidia cards got better communication with 3d editing programs as i know.So, i need some suggestions for the best gpu i can get. My budget is 200$.

Thank you!
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  1. Ok, what you want is a Quadro card, the K600 being the one that fits your budget:

    You will get a lot more power from gamer cards for the money, but the Quadros make up for this with dedicated drivers that do a lot to redress the balance.

    However if your 3d work is going to be on entertainment focused software (3DSmax, Maya, Softimage, etc), your better of getting the most powerful Geforce you can as the drivers won't make that much of a difference
  2. Don't be so quick to suggest a quadro without knowing what exact software is in question. Nvidia is not necessarily better, the same goes for that; it depends on the software. Gaming cards will be faster for the price for rendering but if you are using maya or cad or anything with no gpu renderer then you might as well go with a workstation card for better viewport performance. Although there are a couple of free gpu renderers you can use and gaming cards are perfectly capable in some software so it's really important to know more info about what exactly you are using before suggesting anything.
  3. First of all thank you for your quick correspond! I'm working with a variety of programs but generaly i use rhino for 3d editing and maxwell for rendering. Maxwell its a non-gpu renderer but it uses the graphic card on the OpenGL and working on an enviroment quickly its equally important with the reduction of render time. So i need a card that combine a bit of everything. Unfotunately my budget is low but im sure there is a card that can make my life a little bit easier.
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    A workstation card would handle opengl better and with no gpu renderer, the k600 will do well.

    That psu is a lot more than you need though. What is your reasoning for it?
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