my brand new pc keeps freezing whilst i play games, i can play the game for about ten minutes but then it just completely stop

my computer
processor - AMD FX(tm) 6300 six core processor
8 gb ram
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  1. kind of depends on what you mean by stopping.
    - bluescreen will have a error code that indicates the reason for the system stopping
    - if the system just freezes but still has graphical info on the screen, then the problem will generally be with the graphics software driver.
    - if the system just goes to a black screen and reboots like you just turned on the system, the problem will be in the power system. Most of the time it will be caused by a power supply that is under powered or the extra power connection to the graphics card is not connected. ( enough power for 2D graphics but not enough for 3d graphics)
    (could also be a related cooling issue, depends)

    samuelbloor said:
    my computer
    processor - AMD FX(tm) 6300 six core processor
    8 gb ram
  2. it freezes with a graphical image on the screen
  3. cool, that mean it failed in the graphics card driver.

    most often fix: update the graphics driver directly from the vendor's website
    (graphics cards vendors website not the machines vendor's website)

    if you continue to get failures you will want to check that your machine is not overclocking the PCI bus in the BIOS (should be at 100 MHz, but some do slight overclocks that can cause failures)
  4. ill see if that works thanks
  5. this may sound stupid but i can't find the pci bus in the bios
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    what it will be called will depend on the machine, it is the slot on the motherboard that your graphics card goes into.
    Some BIOS will not let you change the values (and not display them), some will hide the values. I have a asus motherboard
    the default for the bus should be 100 mhz (the standard) but it overclocking will set it to 103Mhz and my new graphics card fails after about several hours. It never seems to crash when it is at 100Mhz.
  7. thank you for this information :wahoo: anyways i have just updated the driver and its working fine thanks for the help
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