windows 7 pc help please - hardware issues?

My Brothers PC,
Zoostrom PC,
Intel Celeron G530
Asus ? Motherboard with onboard intel GPU
Windows 7 Home Premium
has started running very slowly if at all. On start up it is coming up with ' start windows normally' and .attempt windows repair' as options . Repair doesn't finish and wnidows occasionally opens and then runs extremely slowly. I have tried another windows 7 harddrive in the pc and had the same issues - although pc kept restarting when I tried to actually start windows off this hdd. I have also tried a different psu more out of hope than expectation. no change. I assume it must be a hardware issue? However, the motherboard bios reads normal - showing all the correct PC and RAM etc.
Any diagnosis or help how to diagnose myself would be greatly appreciated,
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  1. When you say you've tried another hard drive, does that mean you've done a fresh install of windows on a separate Hard drive?

    Have you looked in Task Manager to see what levels the resources are at?
  2. I took my hard drive out of my computer also a zoostorm built windows 7 home premium pc. tested it in my brothers with both PSUs, wouldn't start up windows. Works fine once back in my pc, but its not a fresh install no.
    Yes, checked task manager resource levels. nothing appears irregular on either the CPU or RAM.
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    Placing your HDD in another PC won't work 99% unless you erase everything and install a fresh copy of windows.

    First Possibility
    How full is the hard drive? If it has less than 10% free, you'll take a serious performance hit.

    Second Possibility
    How busy is the hard drive?
    With your Brother's HDD in the PC, boot it up and go into task manager.
    Click on the performance tab.
    Click on the "resource monitor" button in the bottom right corner.

    Chances are, the "Disk" is running with high usage.
    Click the "Disk" Tab and then look at the top category called "Processes with Disk activity" click on "Total (B/sec)" to sort it by total read and write.
    To the far left, you'll see what is using the HDD the most.
    If you know what it is, and if you can safely end its process, right click it and tell it to end -- see if the PC runs better.
    If you don't know what the process is, you can search for it on google

    For example, mine says "Dropbox.exe" and it is listed 7 times. This is because dropbox is running multiple threads and reading and writing in multiple processes.

    Third Possibility: Malware/Virus
    You could download and run Malwarebytes (gets rid of malware that slows down your PC)
    Then download and run CCLEANER (cleans out temporary files)
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