No audio when I connect PC to TV via HDMI

I've done a lot of googling, but have not found a solution that has worked (such as the one where you go to sounds, playback, then enable NVIDIA HDMI Output, but I can't do that simply because that option isn't there, even with "show disabled/disconnected devices" on).
I presume it has something to do with my gpu not having an audio card or whatever, so I was wondering if there were other methods or if there are any cables I can buy to get audio?
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    Well you have to make sure your graphics card or whatever youre using supports audio on hdmi.
    Then if everything is well connected, you should go to your sound hud, and open the option menu on your hdmi output and click ¨set as default device¨.
    If the HDMI output doesnt appear in your HUD that could mean that your gpu doesnt support audio.
    And lastly if it doesnt have audio you can always buy an opitcal cable and plug it from your pc to your TV or sound equipment.
    As far as I know all the nvida cards with hdmi support audi through hdmi but I dont know for sure.
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