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Hello people of TomsHardware!!

I've been researching what is the best option for me in my search of a gaming computer, and I have come down to two choices. I just want to clarify that I know that I can get better value by building my own gaming desktop, and still have decided that I want to buy pre built. So with that in mind, I present to you the two choices I have come to:

Firat is the gaming laptop, the Asus ROG G750JM (

And second the gaming desktop, the Digital Storm Vanquisher Level 3 (

I am open to suggestions, but I have no leeway on the budget, I just have $1300 for laptop and $1000 for desktop( less for desktop as I have to include cost of monitor plus keyboard plus mouse).

Thanks for the help!!!
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  1. The desktop is more powerful (of course) and has better cooling. The laptop is more portable.

    If you need the portability, pick the laptop. If you're never going to move it, pick the desktop. Personally, I think both are overpriced.
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    If you go by then you will notice that the 760 in the desktop scores 4,997 where the 860M is 2,933. That's 70% faster. For cheaper.

    The desktop will win on size, cooling, performance, price.

    The laptop will only ever win on portability. If you have to have it, then this is the way to go. If you are willing to spend almost $1300 on a Laptop, why aren't you comparing it to a $1250 desktop?
  3. Thanks for responses, I only had $1000 for budget for desktop as I had to include expenses such as monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  4. sohcahtoa said:
    Thanks for responses, I only had $1000 for budget for desktop as I had to include expenses such as monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

    That makes sense. Generally a desktop will always win on nearly every metric that you can throw at it except for energy use and portability. The only reason you should ever choose a laptop over a desktop is the ability to easily take it with you, if you don't need that functionality then there is no reason to ever buy a laptop.
  5. I think the desktop will do a lot better; better airflow, better performance, more expandability/upgrades (since its a Digital Storm computer) and better price. Since the desktop is around $1000, than you can factor in the prices of other peripherals.

    Here are some of my personal recommendations for peripherals:

    Keyboard (Mechanical Blue):
    (Mechanical Brown)

    Mouse (Wired)

    Mouse (Wireless)


    Headphones (Optional) (Wired)

    Headphones (Wireless)

    If you want to get all these peripherals with the computer, than it will cost you around 1400 dollars which is just 100 bucks over your budget, but you can factor out the headphones if you already have some.
    Another good tip to remember is to get a USB DAC (Fiio E10 for example) if you have a pair of headphones with an analog (3.5mm) connector, otherwise audio quality will be terrible. If you need a good microphone input, try investing a USB microphone like the Blue Yeti or Audio Technica AT2020 USB. If you want to get a USB DAC and a USB microphone than that could take your budget higher by another 150-200 dollars. Making your build around 1500-1600 dollars.
    My recommendation to you is that you pick up one of the recommended headphones I've listed above, since they're all USB (even the wireless ones), so the audio quality will be great, and the microphones integrated on them will sound good as well, and this will bring your budget to a rough 1350-1400 dollars.
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