Replacing PSU, worried other parts damaged.

I had a cheap crap PSU. It was powering up a system with an old graphics card that didn't need a 6-pin power connector. I upgraded my graphics card that did need the 6-pin power connector, and sooner or later when playing graphic intense games, I would smell a burning smell from my PSU. It was a very slight smell and I ignored it.

My computer crashed minutes later (after about an hour of gaming). I thought it was my graphics card at first, then tried again later. the smell-crash would happen sooner. I realized it was my PSU after about 4 crashes. My temperatures were fine. The highest temp was from my card at around 55-58 degrees Celsius, so I knew nothing else was overheating.

Everything still worked fine other than when playing games. I decided to take out my PSU and ordered a new one, before anything worse can happen. My question is: is there a possibility that my motherboard and/or graphics card were damaged somehow?

Graphics Card:
PSU that fail (smells):
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    If the PSU was the only thing smelling then chances are very good the rest is OK but you won't know for certain until you try the new PSU.
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