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Hi Guys,
I have a AMD FX-8350 processor with MSi motherboard. there is a control center utility with the mother board. the CPu temp shown in the utility is 57c(idle). I downloaded the HWINFO64 where thr CPU 0 temp is 33c max is 42.8c. My room temp is around 26-27c.
Which application should I trust. The MSI app also controls the CPU fan Speed and the fan is quite loud. What do you think? should I trust HWINFO64 or the MSI control app.
HWINFO the temp is good. but MSI app tell me that CPU is overheating!
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  1. What cooler?
  2. Stock cooler.
    While waiting for the reply I also downloaded core temp there too I get max 35 and min 32.
  3. HWINFO is decent

    Hwmonitor is garbage don't go with that.

    MSI is probably a little off.
  4. < Use the trial for a few , check temps with this
  5. CPU shows as 57 c but CPU #1 to CPU #8 all of them show 33 c. What does it mean? this is with the S/w you suggested.Aida64
  6. Go by core 1,2,3,4 what do they say.
  7. I trust AIDA that's why I pay for it.
  8. By core all of them are @ 33~34c. if this is the case then MSI is off by 25c. CPU fan is @5050 RPM.
  9. Best answer
    I would say MSI is wrong.
  10. Ok as it controls my fan speeds how do I reduce it or automatically increase it ? is there a software that I can download?
  11. Speedfan.
  12. Called up MSI tech Support, by the way it sucks, they admitted that adia64 is correct and their s/w is wrong. :) Also the tech determined that the motherboard was faulty (pin header) so he suggested me to have the mobo replaced! I prefer Asus and their customer support is good too is this mobo good for gaming? ASUS M5A97 R2.0 Socket AM3+ ATX AMD Motherboard ?
    I have a radeon HD 7790 I want put in money once and be good for 3 yrs.
  13. Yes that's a good ASUS board.
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