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Ok iv been fighting this issues for about a month and no one can tell me what the hell is going on with it. The fx6300 is throttling in prime95 from 3.0-3.5Ghz. The temp is 29c idle. I mean it starts throttling asap. But in games and normal running it will hit turbo at 4.1. Now if I set turbo to auto instead of enable and turn apm mode off it wont but it will only max at 3.5ghz. Im confused here. My mobo is the asus m5a97 R2.0. And I did a cmos reset with the jumper and it reset my taskbar icon setting along with my clock of course but why my icon notification settings?
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  1. What's your temperatures under load?
  2. What are your temps under load?
  3. Wont ever get past 51c. It struggles to even get that high under full load
  4. And no throttling happens if you set turbo to auto?
  5. yeah still throttles on auto. Only way it wont throttle is if I set it to the asus optimal setting in the bios. That set the cpu speed to 3.7Ghz. cpu wont throttle on prime but it wont go turbo. And im guess that the asus optimal setting is a auto overclock or somthing
  6. tried that. I used the jumper and used the load optimized defaut settings. all that the jumper did was reset my clock and my taskbar icon to default. It reset the bios setting as well but nothing changed
  7. Can you post a screenshot of your temps/clocks while the throttling is happening?
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    Well then, that's really weird...
    I honestly can't come up with a good solution, but if it only happens with Prime95, you shouldn't worry about it.
  9. Damn its bugging me cuz I want to figure it out
  10. so now im looking at just ocing it to say 4.0? Thing is that iv never overclocked a cpu. maybe go 3.8 to start?
  11. voxgm said:
    so now im looking at just ocing it to say 4.0? Thing is that iv never overclocked a cpu. maybe go 3.8 to start?

    If temps are not the issue, then it could be software,mobo, or PSU.

    Disable all power saving features, and go from there.
  12. 3.8 should do, try Googling for "FX-6300 overclocking guide", those will go into more detail than I possibly could.
  13. Should I overclock from bios or software?
  14. Nevermind ill go through bios
  15. I'm going to bump this because I wanna know if anyone else has any ideas
  16. You could try resetting your BIOS to default settings. The BIOS is normally associated with the CPU, including overclocking.
  17. I tried that with the jumper. No luck. Has to be a setting or something cuz it use to not do this. To be honest it started doing it when I switched psus. But could a psu even cause that if it's not running dirty voltage. I swapt tout a raid max 500w for a evga 600b bronze 80 plus..
  18. So I noticed the CPU under prime won't throttle if turbo mode is turned off in the bios. But then I'm losing turbo.......
  19. What about a bios update?
  20. Did a successful bios update and ditched prime95 and used AIAD64 and cpu was doing 3.5-3.8ghz on stock. Cpu was hitting turbo on full load(not full 4.1 turbo but 3.8 is what I should be doing). Now im like 99% positive it was prime95 causing the issue and maybe bios. That and temps are 47c now under full load for 15 mins. Damn im good as hell...........Cheers
  21. Yeah, you're godlike :D Good to know you solved it
  22. lol. I thank you for your help. You said "but if it only happens with Prime95, you shouldn't worry about it. " this right here made me decide to use a diff program. So thank you. Thank you a lot.
  23. No problem :)
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