nVidia drivers Blue Screen on install. GeForce GT 630. Usually Memory Management error. Memory tests fine.

I have a PNY Geforce 630 GT card that I've tried to install for weeks now. I had intitially installed it and ran it for a few days before it started blue screening. Pulled it and returned to my onboard graphics. There was some system corruption so I use my eRecovery disks to back up my data and do a clean install of Windows 7. I put the card back. When I installed the drivers again, this time the install failed with another BSOD. Memory Management. Memory passes all tests. Ran the card without drivers is low res and went to nVidia's site. Tried various versions of drivers and they all blue screen. I disabled the onboard graphics hardware in the Control Panel but have been unable to enter the BIOS to disable the hardware. I have tried ctl-alt-esc, f2, f10, f12, delete on POST. Nothing gets me in. Oddly the card did work for a while. Since it's been all going backward.
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    Sounds like either the card was partially DOA, and is now all dead. Or your PSU has failed and taken your graphics card with it.

    Take the card out of the case and you should be able to use the onboard chip to get your system running again.

    Then RMA your graphics card.

    While you wait for that, make sure your PSU is big enough to support your card, and upgrade if you need to.
  2. I'm using the onboard graphics again. My PSU is 430W and the card requires 350W. The card works, without the driver. It's the driver that crashes the computer on install.
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