Experienced problems with HDMI sound, uninstalled driver, unable to reinstall. Please help.

GPU: AMD HD7950 Gigabyte
MB: Asus F2A85

My computer has been working fine for over a year. Today I transported it to a new location, hooked it up to a TV (which it has previously worked fine with) and booted it. I was experiencing some sound problems with the audio skipping every few seconds on the TV (but not when I switched to my USB headset).

I uninstalled AMD Catalyst and downloaded the newest driver from their website. After reinstalling, the /Program Files/ATI Technology folder remains empty, and I do not get the control center appearing in the "right click" menu on the desktop. When I go on the device manager, my display device is listed as Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. I downloaded GPU-z to see if it could identify my GPU, but it has my display device listed as the Standard VGA as well.

Has my GPU been damaged? I am confused because the HDMI is connected directly to the graphics card, all the fans are running, and I am not having any video problems, or is this simply a driver issue?

Thanks in advance.
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    no reason that would damage your gpu, download a program called " driver sweeper" run it in safe mode, detect and remove all gpu driver remains.
    then go to amd's site, get the latest drivers for ur gpu, and install them
  2. Can you try using another HDMI cable? Check the GPU card, if sitting correctly. Change your default card as AMD HD7950. Hope this works!
  3. I figured out the problem: I went full on 10/10 retard and downloaded the wrong driver. Re-tried with correct driver, it installed successfully, and this also solved the skipping audio problem.

    What have we learned?
    1. Downloading new drivers fixes HDMI audio skipping problems.
    2. Double check, and then TRIPPLE check that you downloaded the correct god damn driver.

    thanks for the helpful suggestions tho.
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