dell dimension blinking amber light- won't start at all.

my desktop power light blinks amber light when i try to start it, and stops only when i hold the power button on for 10 seconds. i assume from other threads i should take it all apart and try to find the battery to replace? Since i'll be opening up the case, should i just disconnect the hardrive and somehow attach to my working computer to save all the information on it? is this easy to do? my new desktop is an asus essentio series with windows 7 while my old computer is windows pro.
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    No Blinking Amber light is usually one of two things. 1) Bad PSU or 2) Bad Motherboard. If you have another PSU try using that and see if it turns on. If it Does the same then its the motherboard.

    The Dimensions don't have a PSU Test button either like the newer Optiplexs and Percision work stations.
  2. what modle is it?
  3. drtweak is spot on the money....the blinking amber light is either a bad psu or motherboard. I have done IT support for a business that had a few older dell dimension pcs and a couple of them experienced this problem (ran 24/7 for years and years) Two of them the powersupplies gave out and the third the capacitors on the motherboard rotted out and blew. If its the motherboard you should start looking into getting/building a new computer. if its the psu you could probably squeeze a standard atx psu in there if its a mid size tower.
  4. It's probably the Power Supply or Some bad Capacitors on your motherboard but most likely the power supply.. Try looking at the manual for your specific Desktop and look at the Error Codes.
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