Is the 780ti still worth the buy?

So I'm going to build a new gaming computer in about a month and a half from now.
I was planning to get a 780ti as my graphics cards, because I want a system that will last me a while.
After reading the reviews on the new Strix 780 6GB OC edition though I'm having second thoughts. The price is about 120$ less than the 780ti here in Portugal, and the performance seems to be near/equal and even better when OC'ed a bit.
Since I will be gaming only in 1080p resolution, should I still go for the 780ti or just stick with the new Strix 780 6GB OC? Will it give me the same longevity you think?
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  1. 780 at 1080P is still overkill, save the money and get the best gtx 770 you can buy.
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    Answering your question, I'd imagine they'd give you roughly the same longevity. The 780Ti would do better in games and will definitely last longer.

    Like TechyInAZ said, the 780 is overkill. But it'll still last you quite a while.
  3. if your set on 780 or 780 ti, definitely just get the 780, for a $120 difference, the price/performance is not worth it.
  4. If getting the best value is your primary concern than 780. Even a 290/290x should be considered. If getting the highest performance the 780ti oc cards are the way to go. If you are patient, keep an eye on many sources you can get a good deal on a 780ti oc card and further oc it like I did.

    I went with a PNY 780ti oc (your local version of this gpu may be the palit jetstream) for $660 but have seen times where it goes down to $630 I know prices are different everywhere but that card to this day randomly goes up to $730. Just keep an eye on things and just be ready to strike with the time is right.
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