AMD Athlon X2 II 255 bottleneck with a GTX750?

Can my AMD Athlon II X2 255(Dual core@3.1ghz)run a GTX750Ti Superclocked:Amazon Link ----->

If not, can it atleast run a regualr EVGA GTX750:Amazon Link ----->

Im coming from a ATI Radeon 5450
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  1. It might partly bottleneck the ti, but I doubt it wuld bottleneck the 750. I'd still recommend getting the 750ti. It will perform better in most games. It won't perform worse in any.
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    I had a phenom II x2 555 and other than the cache and 100mhz on the clock, it handled a 7770, but two cores is not great for newer games. ..

    I would say that it should handle either of them with a slight bottleneck but most likely without knowing what your coming from will be an improvement and you wont notice it. Should eventually try to upgrade the cpu for something compatible with your board or just an upgrade.
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