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i bought a pre-build computer from ibuypower a while ago and the motherboard went south so i got a new one, an Asrock z77 extreme 4 and i was told i needed to do a fresh install of windows 8 since it was a new motherboard but my question is, the cd given to me by ibupower does it do a clean resintall of windows 8 or is just restores to factory settings to where it shows my old motherboard drivers, since the first time i didn't delete one of the partitions on the hdd and still showed some old drivers.. that was my bad.

Or will it still show old drivers even tho i deleted all of the partitions from the hdd because that was my current issue, mostly vga driver errors which i think have been fixed since the comp has not crashed on me while writing this.

Or will i have to buy a new installation of win 8 or 7 at that point it doesnt really matter to me which version it is i had both before in different laptops and i kinda like both.

or might there be something wrong with this new motherboard since i have read a lot of review on it and it seems like its a 50/50 chance of getting a mobo with no errors speacially from newegg

i might have to make different post for different things since i think im asking a lot just for one this issue
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  1. Try with your existing installation of windows but just update the drivers.
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    Windows 8 very good at adapting to a new situation, even after installation it will continue to update Drivers through Windows Update (You'll see messages in the Action Centre).
    The only problem you might meet is Activation as you've changed the Mobo. If it won't Activate you could try phoning M'soft, but as it's probably a Volume OEM Licence you may get no joy, in which case you will have little choice other than to re-licence or buy W7..
  3. microsoft was kind enough to activate it in this new mobo and the driver problems are gone now once i did a fresh reinstall again
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