is this a good build

Hello  I would like to know If this build is good for the price

($1250) Australian dollars  I will be playing team fortress 2,big mine craft mod packs, recording on fraps, playing hawken, lots of steam games call of duty and war thunder I can squeeze my budget but I will not be able to go over $1260 dollars Thanks a lot  Morgan If this is a bad build for the money then please post suggestions below these are my requirements Intel core  1tb and 120-128gb ssd Windows 8.1 or 8 A case with at least 5 hardrives inside the case 3 or 2 5inch drives lots of room for fans Prefer the radon r9 280 3b or r9 270 or 60 over the Nvidia 770  I would like a fan controller and quiet fans with big cfm  Thanks again morgan
I would also like 2 nice screens both under 100 each those do not include the price above buying seprate
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    The processor is a locked processor, meaning it won't be overclocked. Because of this, the stock cooler would do just fine. You don't need the aftermarket cooler.

    The motherboard is fine. If you want to save some money there, you can consider an ASRock H97M Pro 4.

    For the PSU, consider this one if you decide to take off the cpu cooler or changing the motherboard.

    For 15$ more you can get a r9 280, if you decide to take off the CPU cooler you can get this and your budget wouldn't change too much.
  2. Heres the new build
    why do i need a more wattage when i have enough?
  3. And thx
  4. Also will i need a wired network card to put a etherner net cable
  5. The little extra headroom is always nice to have, especially when you consider adding on more stuff later on, or maybe even using it in a future build or something. You could stick with the 520w if you want, again, they're just suggestions, like you said, it's enough.
  6. Okay any other things I can improve my build on?
  7. Someone else should probably put in their input on how to improve their system. I think those were the things that would've probably improved it the most.

    Price wise, the XFX r9 280 is cheaper. You could overclock it to match the performance of the MSI card. It would also lower the cost of your system by a bit.
  8. Okay thanks a lot calnin you've been a huge help
    If no one else anwsers I will choose you as the solution
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