Upgrading Graphics card or the whole system

I have the following configuration currently:

Looking to move to 3 x 24" Monitor Setup and have been looking at upgrading the graphics card to R9 290.

Would any of the existing components i have be limiting that card? Do I need to be looking at full system upgrade?

If that's a yes any thoughts on minimum specs to go for to get the best out of the card.
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    Your CPU at stock is pretty much the same speed as a low-end haswell i5 (i5-4440), and any haswell i5 is good for gaming, so your CPU should be fine with that R9 290. Though you might want to overclock it with a non-stock cpu cooler, think the 2xxx series cpu's where prettty good overclockers.

    But you shouldn't worry, it's still a viable CPU you have. ;)
  2. Agreed!!
  3. If you going to get R9 290, u need to high quality power supply like 80+ Gold or 80+ Plat
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