Strange Nfs Rivals 30fps solid with r9270x on my rig but with r9280x fps drops 19 to 20 to fps

Intel core 2 quad q8400 2.66ghz
6gb 1333mhz ram
AMD R9 270x 2gb Card
On the above setup i got 30fps stable on NFS rivals . But i upgraded the graphics card to r9 280x 3gig
Intel core 2 quad q8400 2.66ghz
6gb 1333mhz ram
AMD R9 280x 3gb Card
now i get fps drops worse then i got with r9 270x . I Dont Understand , all other games work ok even witcher with ubersampling i get 30fps , with out ubersampling i get 60 fps ??? .
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  1. The CPU may be bottlenecking the graphics card.

    What is the % GPU usage the R9 280X gets to in gaming?
  2. Very odd, could be a bottlenecking issue, though it is weird that a better card gives lower performance. What power supply do you have? (not just the wattage but the make/model too)
  3. as from other post 600W, not sure of what type, or even amps on 12V rail.
  4. in nfs rivals gpu goes 40 to 50 % , but my cpu gos upto 75% and ram goes 3.7gb and vram goes 1gig+ . i am running the card on a pcie 2.0 bus
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    the bus is fine, even if it were running in X8 or X16 mode.

    A current i3 4130 is better then your CPU, and I do not place bets on your CPU that it is "sufficient enough". Since you have these cards, I would suggest you get a new CPU/Motherboard and also power supply.
  6. i am powering the card with a dedicated power supply which can handle up to 600w it has one pcie 6 pin connector and i use dual molex to 8pin connecter for the 8pin and i host the psu outside of the case , whine a 500w psu is powering the rest of my system . i dont know about the wattage per rail and all that stuff
  7. i am not a resourceful guy , i am saving money for new cpu mboard ram and psu , but i think its going take a while :( , thx any way you been most helpful . i don't think its the psu because it has nothing els connected to it except the gcard , the recommended psu for this card is a 750 watt psu , which they might have recommended considering the full load all components in the system connected to a 750watt psu but here the card has a 600watt psu just for itself ???
  8. I have A Umax LiveWire USMPS 600 watt 86% efficiency
  9. 600W is enough, I just hope you have the right amps on the 12V rail. Look at the sticker on the PSU, which will show you all that info.
  10. yellow : +12vdc : 10A/25A
  11. blue : -12vdc : 0.8A
  12. so 25A it is. That is pretty low for a 600W PSU, I would defiantly upgrade that.
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