No AMD Graphics Driver Installed Catalyst Control Centre...?

"No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware". i updated my amd driver from amd site but still getting this message after reinstalling the O/S too .. so i install old drivers which came out in 2012 which runs fine but it does not play latest games properly like watch dogs , thief and assasins creed 4 .while playing these game it stops with a error message "thief is stopped working " as well as my all latest game stops with this error message :/

and it runs smoothly on my friends laptop same specs like me .
i have core i5 3210m ... 6 gb ram . nd 1 gb amd 7670m dedicated graphic card .

sorri for bad english and please help me i m very thankfull to u :)
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  1. Which OS?
  2. bro win 7 64 bit ...
  3. please tell me what should i do ?
  4. Completely uninstall all the drivers (so the resolution is terrible). Then use CCleaner to make sure you got everything. Then go to AMD site and download the WHQL drivers, not the beta ones. I can't tell you the amount of times I've had to completely uninstall and reinstall AMD drivers, its one reason why I switch to NVidia.
  5. okei i will , but when i tried to completely uninstall graphic drivers theres still the problem my intell hd4000 driver is automatically updated and installs with proper resolution but amd 7670m dosnt automatically install .... any solution for this or i just only uninstall amd drivers ?
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    Go to the start menu -> Right click computer -> Manage -> Device manager -> Display Adapter -> Right click the AMD one -> Uninstall drivers. Then go to uninstall or change program, and uninstall catalysis control center if its not already. Then run CCleaner to get the left over AMD stuff. Then reinstall the AMD drivers. Don't worry about the Intel HD4000 drivers.
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